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How Public Records Give You an Edge in Homebuying

Dig up data on the seller, street, and neighborhood to inform your home search and your buying decisions.
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Is Blockchain Pointing Its Gaze at the Background Check Industry?

With the new tech on the cusp of taking over, background reports may start looking a tad bit different.
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Are You Vaccinated? The Answer Could Start Showing Up on Background Reports

Companies could potentially look to background checks for proof of vaccination.

Did You Just Swipe Right on a “Roach”?

Here's how to defend yourself from the disturbing online hookup trend known only as "Roaching"...

Is He Cheating? Know Once and for All

Don't be in the dark any longer.
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Protect Your Information Online Like the Security Experts Do

Cyber crime is at an all-time high, and background checks might be the only answer.
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Seller Beware: Your Online Ad Draws Scammers

We are instinctively cautious when purchasing from strangers, but scammers also pretend to be buyers. Learn to spot them.

The Telltale Signs You Married a Bigamist

You never really know who you just tied the knot with.
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Shut It Down: How You Can Seal Your Court Records

These are the steps jurisdictions generally require before a judge might agree to seal, or even destroy, your records.
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Global Cyber Criminals Are Getting Caught by Background Checks

Atlanta fraudster may have been stopped in his tracks by a background report.
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The Colorado Elections Clerk Who Stole All the Info

Investigators turn to background reports to stop hackers in their tracks.
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Here's What Google Knows About You

If you printed out the personal details Google collects on the average person, the papers would stack as high as the Eiffel Tower.
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She Opened Her Husband’s Laptop Only to Discover His Shocking Betrayal

Shocked and appalled, her next steps were not what you might expect.
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How to Remove Your Personal Information From the Internet

Read our step-by-step guide to reducing your online footprint.

Why You Should Background-Search Yourself, and How

To potential employers, creditors, landlords, and strangers, your records are your reputation.
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Beware Friends Reading Posts: The Scary Social Media Loophole

If you think that restricting your account only to friends makes your social media interactions private, think again.

4 Tips for Finding Long-Lost Family

When you're ready to reunite with a loved one, use these proven tips.

Credit Scores and Committed Relationships: Your Love Match

The surprising link between lasting relationships and matching credit scores.